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Kalanchoe Flapjacks Succulent is part of Colorful succulents, Succulents, Plants, Unusual plants, Exotic plants, Succulent gardening – Water Hardiness  Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora, also called Paddle Plant, is an interesting succulent with broad flat paddleshaped leaves that stack on of each other like pancakes In winter or under full sun, the tips of the leaves turn deep red, which gives the plant another fun nickname Red Pancake  Mature Kalanchoe Paddle Plant can grow up to 2 5 feet in height, and produce impressive tall bloom stalks of fragrant yellow flowers  All of the plants will be shipped bare root  Full Sun  Porous and welldrained  Water thoroughly only when soil is dry to the touch, then let drain completely  Feed once per month during the growing season  Toxic to humans and animals USDA Zone from 9a 20 to 25 °F to 11 above 40 °F

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